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General Information

NameSouth Coast CrossFit
OwnerKelly King
Address3186 Pullman Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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-Upcoming Events- Sweat Angels Bodyweight Challenge Now- Dec. 23rd Femme Royale Competition @ RWCF Sat, Dec. 5th We have two, all girl 4 person teams competing! Heat details to come out later this week Bring-A-Friend Days Dec.10-12th, All Classes CFSC Holiday Party: Saturday, Dec. 12th @ 6:30pm Sweat Angels Bodyweight Challenge Day 5 complete 100 burpees Community 11/29/2015 [ 75 more words. ]

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Scott setting up for a clean. #alisocrossfit #alisostrong #crossfit

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Coach Rodney… #alisocrossfit #alisostrong #crossfit

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WOD 11.28.2015 Bench Press 3 x 5 4 Rounds (partner wod): 100m partner carry (alternate as necessary) 6 MU 6 Clean and jerks (2 bars) 6 synchronized burpee over bar

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CrossFit Counter Culture - Group Class Warm-up 400m run 2 rounds 5 Pull ups 10 Hollow Rocks 5 Push ups 10 Air Squats 45 sec Couch Stretch 45 sec Pigeon Stretch 2 min Shoulder mobility Metcon (AMRAP - Reps) "Prego WOD" Rx 20/14 Wall Balls 4 rounds 1 min Pull ups 1 min Air Squats 1 min Up Downs 1 min Toes to Bar 1 min/200m run 1 min rest Count total reps for all movements combined

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Three different workouts on tap tomorrow! Which means you can do a super-long extended session to use up all those classes you have left before December (;

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Burn WOD for Saturday 11/28 35 min AMRAP of: 21-15-9 Box Jumps Pull Ups Pike Push Ups 200m. Run after each round 21-15-9 of 2ct. Lunges K2W Push Ups 200m Run after each round 21-15-9 2 Ct. Mt. Climbers Supermans Box Dips 200m Run after each round

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Having fun earning our turkey! :)

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Friday shoutout to @pepper_cut (Ahmed) and @jimjam217 (Jimmy) for getting their first spots on a #CFNP benchmark board. Great job guys! #TeamCFNP #Honeybadger "Baseline 1.0" 5 Rounds 10x Power Clean (135/95) 10x Burpee

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One quick update/correction to the Holiday Check-in Challenge. Apparently, Facebook doesn't make it as easy to track check-ins as I thought they did. So, in order for me to accurately track your check-ins you're going to have to add this hashtag to your posts: #kcfholidaycheckin

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Join us tomorrow at 10am for a Team WOD ! Bring a family member or friend for free! See you then :)

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Saturday: Run 1K (no clock) Then: 10 min to get circa-max Clean & Jerk Rest 1 min 5 min AMRAP 10 Box Jumps 5 Pull ups Rest 2 min Row 2K

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Great BLACK FRIDAY WOD @ DOXSA! See you Saturday 9-11am

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Saturday, Nov 28th WOD: Teams of 2: "Fran" 21-15-9 Thrusters 95/65 Pull ups "Grace" 30 clean and jerks 135/95 "Diane" 21-15-9 Deadlift 225/155 HSPU Note: Team may break up the WODs however they please, but only one athlete works at a time and only 1 barbell per team (unless it is a coed team).

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You all ROCKED the 12 Days of Thankfulness today!! Wow! Way to show up and get it done right! Tomorrow we will be here bright and early at 8:30am for another fantastic WOD, so let's see you there! Also, don't forget that our boot camp starts Monday!! Don't wait until after the holidays to reboot....change starts NOW!

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The 10am CrossFit Amethyst crew right back at it after a day off for Thanksgiving. #CrossFitAmethyst #bestcommunity #wod #blackfriday #teamwod #partnerwod #backsquat #StantonStrengthMethod #onlygettingstarted #onlygettingstronger #bestgym #oakharbor #whidbeyisland #fitfam #functional #fitness #becomeanathlete #amethystathlete #lovefitness #lovelife

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Too good not to share.

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Grab a partner!!! Get a team name!!! Write it on the board!!! On December 1st we will start a challenge called "All I want for Christmas" Everyday for 24 days there will be a challenge on the tree on the board! Prizes will be given out throughout the month!!! So let's see what team will complete all tasks and who who will win certain tasks! Rules are attached to this:

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Bring canned food for our fallen officers food drive tomorrow!

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Cindy with a twist to get those #thanksgiving carbs to work! Part A) 12 min EMOM 100 m sprint *score is slowest time Part B) 15 min AMRAP 2 Squat Snatch 3 Rounds "Cindy" 5 pull-ups 10 push-ups 15 air squats 1 Squat Snatch 1 min Rest #vaultcrossfit #banditnation #blackfriday #wod #crossfit #carbs #feast #gains #benchmark #crossfitcindy #pullups #workhardtrainharder #workyourweakness

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12 Days of Thankfulness was a brutal one! Awesome job to all who showed up for the post purge WOD! Hope everyone is having an awesome holiday weekend with their loved ones! #CFX

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2015 Lean Turkey Challenge Finale

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Gobble Fest! 3 WODs, 2 hours, 1 great time!

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Gobble Fest!

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Black Friday Gobble Fest!

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Thanksgiving dinner catching up with you? Get fit and feel great with us this winter! Visit or call 253-777-9714 to get in on our next On Ramp! Dec 1-3, 6-7pm.

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Reminder! Only one class this afternoon at 4:30pm. Thanks!

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Thanksgiving wod with this crew!

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Lift. Flex. Improve. Learn. Have fun. Get amazing photos. Don't miss your chance to sign up for this awesome day of fun at Mahoney Crossfit on Saturday, December 5th!! For the brand new beginner, to the experienced athlete, come learn how strongman is helping people learn better weightlifting technique, and helping them develop more strength. For men and women. We'll be practicing: atlas stones, axle barbell, the log, circus dumbell, keg press/farmers carry. We've hired a professional photographer who will be there taking photos while you train. The photos will be free online after the event. Trust us. To see photos where you are doing this kind of training is just awesome.

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We hope everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable Thanksgiving. Now, it's time to get moving! Day After Thanksgiving Workout: Every Minute On the Minute (EMOM) X 20 5 Burpees Do these as fast as you can. Finish it off with 100 sit ups and one lap around your block.

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Hey Gorillas! Happy Thanksgiving! It was great to see everyone workout together and hear what we are most thankful for! On top of everyone's list of things to be thankful for (besides the bacon, pie and wine comments) FAMILY was the most notable! There are many types of families: immediate, extended, work...etc. Today though, I want to personally Thank my CrossFit Family! As we approach the end of the month and the season of Giving, I want to thank everyone who makes CrossFit Amped a home to me and many others. We are blessed to have each other and I look forward to seeing each and everyone of you on a daily basis! You are the lifeblood that keeps CrossFit Amped pumping! Thank you to our owner Robert Sax for all your hard work and keeping this family intact!

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The Iron Bar Gym wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving! Here are our Holiday hours for the weekend: Thursday 11/26: One class only at 9:30am Friday 11/27: 9:15am class, 3:30-7pm Open Workout Saturday 11/28: One class only at 10am (Lakewood Memorial Workout) Sunday 11/29: Closed

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Partner WOD tomorrow at 10:00am and 5:15pm! If you want a preview of the WOD and a sneak peek at 1 of more than 400 pictures we will be posting soon, just click the link below.

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See you in the morning!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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We are grateful to be in a community of amazing people! We feel thankful to know you, train with you, and grow with you. Be safe today, have fun, and come back to train with your clan after the holiday. After lifting 25lb turkeys, kettlebells will be easy!

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Reminder: 9am & noon classes only tomorrow

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Where has my obsession taken me this time?