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We have Yoga a couple nights a week. Wish you were happier try our Restorative Yoga class…

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NameSouth Coast CrossFit
OwnerKelly King
Address3186 Pullman Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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Awesome humans doing awesome things

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I am SUPER EXCITED to welcome Team Tough and Tipsy from CrossFit Oakdale to the Franniversary!

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Congratulations to Sean, who gritted his way through his first-ever Rx'd Fran earlier this evening!

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Mobilize: ankles, hips, front rack WOD: as fast as possible 1000 m row 20 FS 800 m run 20 FS 500 m row 20 FS 200 m run 20 FS Lv1: 65/45 Lv2: 95/65 Lv3: 115/75 Finish: Couch stretch Let us present to you the Athlete of the Month October: Haydee Campos! See Haydee's CrossFit journey here. Log your WOD scores here: [ 31 more words. ]

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Friday's WOD: TIER 1 A1. Deficit Deadlift 3 x 5 A2. Pull-Up Lock-Off (Chin Above Bar): 5 x 5-10 Seconds B. For Time, As a 2-Person Team: Plank Hold (on forearms) 20 Burpees Squat Hold 40 Wall Balls Handstand Hold (on Box or on Wall) 400m Run TIER 2 A1. Deficit Deadlift 3 x 5 A2. Dip Lock-Off (Rings Rotated Out w/ Hollow Body at Top of Dip): 5 x 5-10 Seconds B. For Time, As a 2-Person Team: Plank Hold (on forearms) 30 Burpees Squat Hold 50 Wall Balls @ 20#/14# Handstand Hold (Stomach Facing Wall) 400m Run TIER 3 A1. Deficit Deadlift 3 x 5 A2. Ice Cream Maker on Rings: 5 x 2-3 B. For Time, As a 2-Person Team: Plank Hold (on forearms) 30 Burpees Squat Hold 50 Wall Balls @ 20#/14# Handstand Hold (Stomach Facing Wall) 400m Run * Part B: One person holds plank while the other does burpees, then they switch. One person holds squat while the other does wall balls, then they switch, etc. * Part B (Tiers 2 & 3): Compare to 2/3/2012.

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Thursday 10/8/15 #crossfitoakdalewhiteboard

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I love me some el pollo loco. #losethevest #iifym #crossfit_101 #tracfit #trainingforlife

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Look How Far You've Come, Baby!

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This Week at MDSoF: Prime Directives and Josh' Gs going away party is going on THIS EVENING. All the cool kids will be there.

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It's actually pretty difficult to join this club. #heighttostrengthratio #funsize #burpeesarejustafootaway #deathtowallballs

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A big congrats to Deja on her first pull-up yesterday! Amazing news! Sorry for the late blog post - I lost my laptop but now it is recovered. I'll spare you the whole story but I'm sure that Joel will tell all if you ask him. 3 Rounds for time: 200m Run 8 HSPU 200m Run 2 Rope Climb 200m Run 10 KB Clean and Press 35/45 200m Run 30 Sit-ups

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Happy birthday Meena Dempsey!!!! Love you!

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Many times we use a lacrosse ball but aren't totally sure where to put it or why. Here is a great map that shows you where to put it for what movements. #CrossFit

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Happy Birthday Coach Josh!

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ACF – October 8, 2015

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TODAY'S WOD LIFT Thruster -Spend 15 min building to a 3RM -Can use racks METCON 8 RFT 5 DB Hang Power Clean (45/25) 7 DB Push Press 9 DB OH Walking Lunges (ea leg) Fix Your Hand Position to Supercharge Your Squats

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SMR - lacrosse release quads / glutes 2 min banded hip-flexor mobilization -then- 2 rounds at a conversational pace of: 10 banded side steps both directions 10 banded air squats 200m run -then- Work to a heavy double in Front Squats (Perform at least 7 heavy work sets) -then- With a 15 minute running clock: Run 800m Followed by max rounds of: (1,2,3...) bar muscle-ups (Mod: 2,4,6...pull-ups) (2,4,6...) handstand push-ups (Mod: 1,2,3...wall walks) (3,6,9...) hurdle hops (30"/24")

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Competitors Program Week 3, Day 4: 5 sets at 75-80% of the complex: Clean + 2 Jerks -then- 6x3 Front Squats at 80% 1RM -then- 4 rounds for time: 15 KB swings (70/53) 15 Thrusters (95/65) 15 cal row -then- Max distance bodyweight prowler push (or select a weight that allows you to cross 40 yards in your first couple 20 second increments). Perform the pushes in 10 rounds of 20 seconds work, and 40 seconds rest increments. Set two cones at 40 yards apart and maneuver around them.

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A. Front Squat Establish 1-rep Max B. Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 mins of: 10 Box Jumps, 24/20 in 10 Push-up (hand release) 10 Walking Lunges

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Please welcome Jamie M. to CrossFit 580!

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Training 10/08/2015 STRENGTH Overhead Squat 5@7 5@8 plus two repeat sets CONDITIONING For time: 50 Depth Pushups 45#25# *At the top of every min starting with 0:00 complete 5 Squat Jumps Time Cap: 8:00

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THURSDAY - OCTOBER 8TH, 2015 "Fran" 21-15 - 9 Thrusters 96/65 Pull Ups

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THURSDAY WOD October 8, 2015

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Hey everyone. Byron from Muscle Mechanics will be having free mobility clinics at the box every 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month starting tomorrow! He will be there from 7am until 8:30. Stay after the 6am or show up early for the 8:30 and work on those kinks.

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#teamseries week 2 is underway!! @anichols0909 closing this WOD out with "Randy", while the rest of Team #hotcupofJoe cheers her on. @crossfitgames

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Nancy (10/6 Tuesday)

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Congratulatons to Jacob for being our October Athlete of the month.

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Have you created your fundraising page? CLICK HERE TO CREATE YOUR OWN FUNDRAISING PAGE to help reach our team goal of $4000! Barbells for Boobs Fundraiser October 17 9am-12noon